Old Man Logan3D Render

Blender, Eevee Render
Finished Old Man Logan Render

Fun fact: Logan (2017) is one of my favorite movies. The film takes some inspiration from a comic I also love, Old Man Logan.

Upon re-watching Logan AGAIN one night, I got the idea to do a little homage project to both the film and the comic by creating a 3D character render for what Logan (aka Wolverine) would look like in my own 3D cartoon style.

I didn't do any rough sketches or pre-vis work before diving right into the sculpting process in Blender. I had a solid vision in my mind as to how Logan would look and just kept myself accountable to that.

Old Man Logan 3D Render Image Set

Overall the project came out pretty close to how I envisioned it. I had a fun time adding the gore effects by vertex painting over the mesh.

I rendered the finished images using Blender 2.8's new real-time render engine, Eevee.